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Garden Design Landscape Association - This article is the first in a collection that will explain the many facets of garden design and provide you with the knowledge required to plan a garden that is aesthetically pleasant and functional. In such articles, you'll find the essential information required to undertake your personal garden project from conception through to conclusion.

Every garden gains from great garden design. No matter your expectations are, planning and design are necessary. One of the first questions I ask a customer (as a design consultant) is "what does one need from your own garden?" The planning will focus on these needs and create a personalized garden that can be enjoyed by everyone for years to come.

To provide a definitive guide to a garden design I would need to be composing a 500-page novel, so we will only look in the absolute basics in this informative article. Even with the enormous delight we derive from them, there is obviously something that could be better. Many long to get a larger garden, a few for something much more manageable and smaller, but the vast majority will make the best of their present plots.

Gardening is fundamentally about plants that are growing, but the setting where they are placed by us is likely the single most significant component which makes a garden appealing or otherwise. Personal tastes in garden styles change just as much as in other facets of living, and what appeals to a person might not appeal to another. The real test of a good garden design is whether you are appealed to by the consequence. As a garden designer, I've always seen my role as a facilitator, planning to assist my clients in creating a garden that reflects style and their taste.

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